With prestigious events such as the Kirkwood Wild Life Festival, Grahamstown National Arts Festival and NMB Splash Festival in our portfolio, you can be assured that Fun4u truly is a first-rate provider of fairground rides for Festivals, Agri-Shows and Fundraising Events.
We pride ourselves in providing safe, affordable, but most of all exciting and fun filled rides, creating happy and joyous memories for the whole family.


Book us for your next FESTIVAL?
Here you will find frequently asked questions and important details and requirements to host us at your next event.
Book us for your school’s next FUNDRAISING EVENT?
As part of our goal to create a uniting feeling of excitement under members of the community, we have created a concept in which we could assist schools in hosting a memorable event and raise funds.
Schools are always in need of additional funding, and usually host events satisfying this need to a certain extent.  But instead of hosting a traditional carnival or fete, why not host an event bringing more excitement and fun to the broader community, whilst also saving you a lot of money and the time of planning such a carnival or fete.
That’s where Fun4u wants to assist you.  We are available to host our funfair on your school ground, at NO COST to you.  All you, as the school, have to do is contact us, and we will explain this unique concept to you. It is such a great concept that we don’t want to leak it out by explaining it here. Once you have decided to make use of our service, we establish a suitable date for the event and discuss the way forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much space is required for the rides?
We need at least a 50m x 80m level area. Preferably a grassed surface.
Do you require electricity?
We provide our own electricity for the rides to operate. We do however require electricity for the living quarters of our staff.  
Do you require a water connection?
Yes, only to fill the water tanks for the living quarters of our staff.
How do you get the rides on-site?
We have our own heavy load trucks and trailers. Most of the rides are trailer mounted. The grounds where the rides will be hosted must be accessible by 22m long vehicles.
How long does it take to assemble all the rides?
If all goes according to plan, we require an average of 2 days to complete the setup, inspection and testing of all the rides, but we prefer 3 days. Construction time may vary due to inclement weather conditions.
How long does it take to disassemble all the rides?
It takes about 10 hours to disassemble all the equipment if there are no hold ups. Take-down time may vary due to inclement weather conditions.
When will you start occupying the grounds?
Assuming the event is held from Friday to Saturday, we prefer to move onto the grounds on a Sunday afternoon when vehicle traffic is at a low, but not later than the Tuesday prior to the event. With the rides and our trucks visible to the public eye, it causes anticipation and curiosity as to what will take place at the grounds.  We find that, this already makes for good advertising.
Will your trucks damage the grassed surface of the grounds?
Most of the sites that we have occupied was not damaged at all. During construction times we keep truck movement to the minimum.
Where do your staff stay?
We have high quality custom built trailer homes that houses all our staff on-site. These trailer homes are fully equipped with complete kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilet facilities.
Do you have Public Liability Cover?
Yes, we do. We are required by law to have coverage.
Do you have Safety Certificates for your rides?
Yes, we do. All the rides are inspected on a regular basis by a qualified independent engineer who certifies the rides after each inspection.

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